About Living Basix

Living Basix has established itself as one of the country's leading small appliance manufacturers and is recognized as one of the fastest growing appliance brands in the United States.  We've also become synonymous with expert engineering and innovative product development.  

We're constantly thinking about appliances and our customers.  We believe what truly distinguishes us from the competition is our commitment to our products and strong customer base. Our core values are focused on innovation, product quality and value.  We want to create better products - distinctively different products - that will improve our customers' lives inside the home, each and every day.  We understand that staying focused on this goal will help us retain loyal customers for life. 

Our Beginnings

Living Basix began operation in 2011 with the launch of our first air cooler. We set an industry standard for performance in a household portable unit. It was at that time that we established ourselves as a company that utilized cutting edge technology to provide comfort, quality and innovation into the lives of our customers.

Our Corporate Philosophy

At the heart of Living Basix's corporate philosophy is our commitment to improving our customers' quality of life through designing innovative and distinctively different home products.

This philosophy has allowed us to develop an impressive lineup of products tailored to meet the needs of our customers' lifestyles: stylishly designed and effective air coolers designed to cool without wasting electricity; compact and safe electric heaters that are elegant enough to use anywhere in the home; and a variety of cooling fans that are designed to provide maximum airflow.

We hope you enjoy our products and sincerely thank you for choosing Living Basix.